Will Wright creates contemporary work that draws not only upon his childhood interest in comics, trash videos and Hip Hop, but also his research into the Northern Mysteries, Neolithic spirituality and personal esoteric practice. The outcome is work that evokes ancient symbology and meaning through modern materials and aesthetic. Neanderthal cave painting inspires the use of an atomiser, spraying pigment, like an aerosal, with stencils replacing the cave artist's hand. Cosmic starscapes refer to the keen astronomy of our ancestors, with coloured dots depicting the visuals during journeying.

The work are all pieces of a larger cosmological system, being deveoped to bridge a cultural vaccuum. Below is the wisdom contained within the work.

The Wizard's Secrets

ITW diagram

  1. The Os/As rune is associated to Woden/Odin, the Great Wizard. It symbolises communication, especially Galdor/Galdr, rune sung. It speaks of the spontaneous sound making when deep in journey. Over the third eye/pineal, it heightens the ability to talk about the experience.
  2. The cross signifies death in cartoons and comics, here it means ego death. The death onto oneself.
  3. The spirals recall the fractal waves of information that lie behind everything, the Wyrd.
  4. Hugin and Munin the two Ravens are represented, drawing upon the Hittite motif of the two headed bird, and their folklore as mushroom eaters.
  5. The hood shape represents the nippled topped psilocybin mushroom. The liberty cap.
  6. The mushroom shape recalls the twin pillars of Gobekli Tepe, a sacred Indo European Neolithic site 14,000 years old. The Hittites used it to signify Great King.
  7. The rays of illumination signify the enlightment gained from initiation, the Hero's journey. There and back again.
  8. This secret is evident to the wise.

Northern European Dwarf

Northern European Dwarf

'In Scadinavian mythology, dwarfs are considered to be chthonic creatures that dwell in the earth (or in mountains) and it may not be by chance that they pop up mysteriously and spontaneously in the stories, much like mushrooms do from time to time.' Steven Leto (Magical Potions, Shaman's Drum issue 54)

All across the globe mushrooms appear as little folk, within indigenous shamanic traditions, as psychedelic spirit guides. Our dwarves resemble the local 'Liberty Cap' (Psilocybe semilanceata), with references to Meso-American mushroom idols, and 'ugly' folk characters. His face is blue, depicting the effect of bruising on magic mushrooms, with rosy cheeks akin to the traditional guise of Mummers and a rude stuck out tongue.

Hugin & Munin

hugin n munin

These two corvid figures represent the two ravens of Woden, commonly viewed as representing Thought (Hugin) and Memory (Munin). With Thought on your right shoulder and memory on your left, you can start to navigate the future and the past.

The single eye, as in all the folkgraff, represents consciousness.

Mystic Wyrm

mystic wyrm

The Wyrm represents the lower world, at the roots of the World Tree. It symbolises; mycelium, snakes, ancestors, Hel, DNA, primal energies

The single eye, as in all folkgraff, represents consciousness