Will Wright has maintained a creative process throughout his life, growing and evolving through different media. Early obsessions, such as, 2000AD, trash videos, and Hip Hop, mix with a more educated interests in cinema, magick and history, combining to create a contemporary aesthetic: Modern Primitivism, Neonlithic, Folk Graff.

cunning mann

Brought up amongst a family run offset print business, Will created wildly; painting wargaiming miniatures, jackets and murals, designing tattoos, posters and flyers. Durng the 90s he returned to education to study filmmaking, went professional as a DJ and even a stint as a TV presenter. Within the last two decades, Will has made his name as a formidable director, a published academic and a cultural activist.

Alongside and integral to his creativity, has been a life long study and practice in magick. The application of 'Know thyself' has led Will to undertake intense healing and learning, leading to a seven year intiation, culminating in the recreation of Woden's sacrifice. His current work reflects this with a compulsive reawakening of Neolithic spirituality via Ontological Anarchism.